Thank you

This project has been completed. Thank you to the hundreds of people who shared their experiences with me. There is no doubt about it: the health information that gets spread through the media is having an enormous influence on the lives of everyday people. The media and the healthcare profession need to decide what kind of influence they wish to have.

Thank you, as well, to the unflinching journalists and physicians who have helped to raise awareness about the false medical information that continues to be shamelessly and widely disseminated. While problems remain, you are beginning to change the conversation. Even Dr. Oz has improved the accuracy of the information being presented on his show. But Doctors In Oz was never just about his television show. It was especially not about Dr. Oz as an individual. It was about furthering a conversation and taking concrete actions in order to improve the health information being broadcast to millions of people. The influence of technology and media on people’s health will only continue to grow. I am not cynical about this trend; I am optimistic.

For health information with integrity, you can read Julia Belluz’s work on Vox, the Health News Review website, and the Science-Based Medicine blog.

Starting this summer, I will begin a pathology residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital. You can follow my further work at my personal website. I’m excited for what’s next.

April 17, 2016 | Benjamin Mazer